Chloe Lane

Womens Open - Chloe Lane 
Chloe is a rising star within the Womens Open squad.  Chloe was not selected in the original Womens Open squad for the 2012 European Championships, only taking her place following player withdrawals.  Since then, Chloe has developed all facets of her game, such that she is now a 'go to player' within the team.  The development Chloe has shown over the last 12 months is unparalleled within the Scotland squad, and her attitude is a real example to those around her.  Chloe's rising stock embodies our drive for "delivering to potential", although we know there is still more to come from her!


A little about Chloe

Name: Chloe Lane

Age: 27

Club: Superhands

Region: Edinburgh

Internation Debut: Womens Ooen 2012 Euros in Treviso

Current International Team: Womens Open

Favourite Movie: I am Sam - happy and sad and funny, plus a great soundtrack

Other Sporting Interests: When? Touch is my life!

Biggest influence in Touch career: I have to thank many people for helping me out/bullying me over the last couple of years...sometimes more with an attitude of "if I'm going to have to play with you, I'm willing to put in the hours to make you a little less rubbish". However, the most influential person has to be Superhands coach Pierre Joly, without whom my touch career wouldn't have got off the ground.

Most memorable Touch moment: Hhmmm, tricky one. I can't pick just one thing so here's a few touch relatd moments that come to mind...1 - Getting called up for the Euros squad, 2 - Scoring at the Euros, 3 - Kristy's [McGillveray] pre-match prep of covering herself in vaseline...and wearing a nappy...[we missed a few here]....8 - Realising how comfy my new boots are.

in 5 years time where would you like to see the development of Touch in Scotland? To have enough kids playing to get youth turnaments running alongside the main STS fixtures. Definitely achievable if clubs commit to youth development in their areas. Also, if possible it would be preferable if Scotland moved a bit closer to the equator, and midges became miraculously extinct. I think both of these things would help develop the sport and encourage greater participation.