Risk Assessment Process

Touch Superleague shall carry out the following Risk Assessment procedures at each venue:

  1. Identify potential hazards which could reasonably be expected to result in significant harm
  2. Identify those who might be harmed
  3. Consider existing controls - is the risk of significant harm low/ unlikely, medium/ possible or high/ probable
  4. Where the risk is identified as medium or high, identify the action required
  5. If the risk is low, further precautions are optional and the activity may proceed
  6. Where the risk is medium, it is desirable that further precautions are taken before the activity proceeds
  7. If the risk is high, it is essential that the activity does not proceed until the risk has been significantly reduced

Health & Safety Officers


Eddie Sanjuan – [email protected]
Robbie McKenzie – [email protected]


Larissa Nelson – [email protected]
Kieran Hopkins – [email protected]


Dan McDowell – [email protected]